Hotel-Pro - the IT department for independent hotels

Welcome to the Hotel-Pro website. Our main business is to help small and medium-sized hotels to accept online bookings by using our cost-effective booking solution. We are also happy to be seen as a resource for hoteliers to find other information which will help them to run their hotel business more successfully.

This leads us to ask the questions: Are you a small or medium-sized hotel or hotel group who would needs IT support? Perhaps you are so engulfed in the day to day running of your property and looking after your guests that you don't have the time to learn about how the Internet can increase your hotel's occupancy rate. And maybe you are equally concerned that if you did work it all out it would be ridiculously expensive.

On the other hand maybe you just want to involve a third party but do not want to lose control of your property.

At Hotel-Pro we understand your predicament and have developed ways to help you resolve all of these issues to your satisfaction. Our solutions allow you to decide how you want to do things and we set everything up and show you how easy (and we do mean really easy) it can be to do such things as

* Update your web site yourself as often as you wish
* Accept online bookings from guests even whilst you are asleep
* Change your rates at the touch of a button and promote them over the Internet
* Have a professional website which showcases your property to the world

Once you are up and running we stand back and let you run things your way. But if you need us again we will be there. Think of Hotel-Pro as your very own IT department which understands how your business uses IT